VerifyIDTM for Hospitality

Recognition is the heart of hospitality and trust is the foundation. VerifyID™ addresses both. By verifying that the claimed identity is real before you provide service, we give you the confidence of KNOWING who you are dealing with, so you can trust that the transaction is authentic and concentrate on providing the level of personal service you take pride in. 


We put a name with every face

Establishing identity is a mission-critical step in the Hospitality industry. The best institutions put enormous effort into recognizing their VIP guests, from the Front Desk, to the Valet, to the Poolside Bar. With VerifyID™, any hotel or entertainment venue can recognize like a boss – and not just the VIPs, but all guests…making every single patron on the property feel like a valued high-roller.

  • When integrated with property management and point of sale systems, VerifyID™’s facial recognition completely removes the friction of misplaced room keys, lost credit cards, and long registration queues.
  • Fraudulent billing is impossible when the patron’s face is their credit card – fraud is prevented before it can even happen.
  • Tickets purchased by a verified identity could instantaneously grant access to an entertainment venue when the associated face presents at the door, eliminating long waits to enter a venue while paper tickets are checked by harried ushers.
  • VerifyID™ could be integrated with electronic door locking systems, providing the ultimate level of access security.

Relaxation should be easy

When guests are blowing off steam, you want to encourage them to relax and feel unhindered, welcome, and safe. The last thing you want is for a fraudster to run up charges on your guests’ bills or for transactions to get stalled while searching for the credit card or room key they left upstairs. With VerifyID™’s facial recognition, transactions are frictionless and personalized.

(And don’t worry, we’ll recognize them even if they let their hair down.)

40% of transactions at high-demand peaks (like the pool) are abandoned. We’re changing this.

Demo VerifyID