VerifyIDTM for Healthcare

Your patients trust you to provide care and advice appropriate to their individual needs. Identity is at the core of that relationship. But identity-based errors cause harm every day, and identity-based fraud is rampant in the industry. These identity failures consume resources and prevent the healthcare community from focusing fully on improving patient wellbeing. At VerifyID, we imagine a world in which a patient’s individuality, verified through biometrics, safeguards and gathers the patient’s complete medical history and enables fully informed care.


We care about identity,
so you can care for your patients

We securely and accurately identify patients using facial biometrics as they interact with your practice in person or remotely. Once we’ve identified a patient, we can communicate their verified presence to other systems in your office, revealing new possibilities for engagement and care.

  • Misidentification and identity fraud (phantom billing, identity theft and sharing) is impossible when the patient’s identity and presence is verified before care is given
  • Care givers’ identities can be verified and the precise geographic location at which service is provided can be recorded, in support of home care verification
  • Because identity and location are verified independently of any clinical systems in use at healthcare facilities, the patient’s journey can be tracked across the entire continuum of care
  • Integrating VerifyID™’s facial biometrics into registration and clinical data systems opens up enormous opportunities to gather and make available to care givers valuable insights into the patient’s history and health context before they begin treatment

Identity. Trust. Safety.

Verifying every claimed identity, whether patient or care giver, ensures that the correct individual receives the correct care at the correct time and place. Identity errors and misuse can be prevented…VerifyID™ makes it possible.

30% of Healthcare
Spending Goes to Waste*. VerifyID™ is changing this.

*Institute of Medicine estimate

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