VerifyIDTM for Education

School is the garden of human development, but, like a garden, requires protection from pests and predators to produce the greatest possible growth and achievement. VerifyID™ allows schools to be certain that the identities of individuals entering, leaving, or on-campus are verified. Unwanted intruders are kept out; students and staff are kept safe.


Intelligent identity
makes smarter education

Educational institutions face a dizzying array of identity-related risks. High profile tragedies such as school shootings bring the risk of uncontrolled access to facilities to the fore, but much safety and financial risk lives in the everyday events of education. Identity fraud misdirects financial aid, falsifies testing and grades, and undermines the integrity of the academic process. VerifyID’s Intelligent Identity can eliminate many of those risks:

  • Administrators could verify the identity of a person picking a student up at school to make sure that they are authorized to do so
  • Security staff could recognize students and visitors as they come onto campus, positively identifying them and ensuring that they are authorized to access the facility
  • Exam proctors could use VerifyID to validate the identity of both in-person and on-line test-takers, ensuring that the proper student is taking the exam
  • Administrators could verify the identity of students receiving financial aid, ensuring that limited funds are actually going to the correct, qualified student

School should be
Safe. Sound. Secure.

Verifying the identity of individuals accessing school property or computer systems ensures that intruders and fraudsters are caught before they can cause harm.

79 % of public schools recorded that one or more incidents of violence, theft, or other crimes had taken place, amounting to 1.4 million crimes. We’re changing that.

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