Everyone deserves recognition.

VerifyID does more than [simply] recognize your customers. We validate the identity that they claim, so you can be certain they are who they say they are. Integrating this verified identity into your existing customer data systems lets you truly KNOW your customer – in single, isolated transactions, or anywhere on the planet where you and your systems encounter them.

Safe. Sound. Secure.

We believe in the importance of identity. It is our mission to protect both individuals and organizations by verifying every claimed identity. The VerifyID™ SaaS platform provides a foundation for identity verification services that can be deployed in any situation where establishing with absolute certainty the identity of a person and the time and place of a transaction are important.

  • A healthcare provider or hospital could use VerifyID to verify the identity of patients seeking care
  • A pharmacy could verify the identity of the individual to whom they dispense medications
  • A hotel or restaurant could use VerifyID to validate reservations and check in guests
  • An entertainment venue could validate the identity of a guest and check their ticket, seating, or VIP/loyalty status
  • A conference, convention, or meeting venue could verify the identity of exhibitors, vendors, staff, security, or attendees to determine access privileges
  • A school or day care could verify the identity of parents picking up children, or staff accessing the building, as well as that of students as they arrive or depart from school
  • A gym could verify the identity and payment status of members accessing the facility, or verify the identity of personal trainers as they begin sessions with clients on premises or in the clients’ homes

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