Identity Solutions for a New Age

We guarantee secure, personalized, and private sharing of information between consenting persons.

Biometrics uses measurement and statistical analysis of people’s unique physical and behavioral characteristics to provide highly accurate identification of an individual. VerifyID’s Intelligent Identity validates and verifies the claimed identity, building a trustful basis for relationships between organizations and individuals.

Identity verification is often either cursory
or cumbersome. VerifyIDTM is changing that.

We follow an agile development methodology, guided by continuous evaluation of market opportunities and technological advances, to focus on developing relevant new capabilities, utilizing newly developed or upgraded biometric technologies and modalities. This workflow meets the evolving business needs of current or new market sectors. Our modular approach allows component interchangeability – using best-of-breed technology vendors within our core identity verification workflow.

Establish Identity

Briefly video the individual’s face to capture facial biometrics and to establish the physical presence of a live person. Search for a match in our enrollee database. Where a match occurs, identity is confirmed. If the person is not in our database, we enroll their biometrics.

Enroll Biometrics

Using proprietary measurement algorithms, statistical analysis, and cross checking with external data systems, VerifyID validates the identification documents presented and verifies the claimed identity. Only when we have firmly established that the claimed identity is valid do we enroll the individual in our database.


We store a biometric key for each individual, essentially a digital, formulaic representation of an image, rather than the image itself. This key securely establishes the identity of a face for all future transactions and cannot be read or interpreted by any system outside of our recognition platform. When integrated with customer data systems, a complex profile can be assembled to personalize and customize each interaction.

Securely Complete

With identity confirmed, secure transactions are seamless and frictionless.
In seconds, your face grants access to the whole spectrum of goods and services offered.


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